Jerry Yasgar

for Lakeville City Council


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Voicing Your Priorities

Neighborhood Safety

Improving roadway safety and work with the community and law enforcement will ensure Lakeville remains a place where you feel at home.

Care For

Our Seniors

The aging generation has given us so much, but there are ways we can give back, like with new and affordable residential housing, allowing them to feel safe, healthy and comfortable.



Building the business climate will help strengthen Lakeville as a whole. Let’s support and grow our solid base of small businesses and invite larger companies to establish a footprint in our city.

Tell me: Which Lakeville roads need safety attention?

Neighborhood roadway safety is one of my biggest concerns because I know it's one of yours too. 


Which roads you would like to see become safer?  What do you suggest is needed to make the roadway safer?

Thanks! We're on our way to making our roadways safe again.


A Better Candidate

Here's why colleagues and friends think I'll represent you the best.


and Loyal

“Jerry’s integrity and dedication to the service of others is always appreciated!”



“He takes the time to look beyond only the next step and checks with others seek out options and ways to ensure the end result is doable, safe, and cost-effective.”

Makes Time

for You

"Jerry always makes time and has the focus to listen and help people analyze their concerns and consider plausible options to deal with them.”


Important Thoughts:

Lakeville Law Enforcement

Without hesitation, I support increasing the number of Lakeville Police OfficersLakeville is growing and the need is now, not sit back and monitor or wait and see what happensit's happening now and to prepare for tomorrow requires action today!

Remember the days when an added patrol on your roadway only required a call and a patrol showed up. Are you aware that to make this same "added patrol request" in Lakeville today requires you to create an online account with the City of Lakeville's website and complete an online form request that is not monitored 24/7.

As a former IG Inspector and Program Analyst, this required action alerts me that there is a NOW need for action to increase the size of our enforcement officersespecially since Lakeville's Public Works Department designs roadways and informs residents law enforcement will provide enforcement.

It is greatly appreciated what Chief Long and the officers of LPD do (& have done) with the limited enforcement staff our City Council provides(ed); however, our enforcement team's dutiesas our city continues to growrequires additional resources and without the support of the Lakeville's management which includes the City Council this growth cannot happenLakeville's roadway and neighborhood growth continues and requires the Council's supportnow. Lakeville's Public Works department relies on their road and neighborhood roadway designs to be supported & enforcedeach & every dayby our law enforcement team.

Your vote mattersmake that difference, be safe, and vote Yasgar for Council!

Remain healthy, wearing a mask is a small inconvenience to help slow the Covid virus spread at this time and will not harm you to wear a mask; but, not wearing one may cause a regret later. Be careful all.

Creating a
Council Member

See what the Sun Thisweek Paper says about my campaign:

"Jerry and his wife, Mary Jo, married in 1981 and raised their two sons, Matthew and Aaron, in Lakeville after becoming residents of Lakeville in 1993. While born in Little Falls, he said when it came time to pick a metro area city, Lakeville had the greatest appeal, and it’s as true today as it was back in 1993.

'Lakeville is a robust community, with a very sound reputation, in which to live and work – a fact which serves as a foundation for the future,' he said.

Yasgar said he believes building the business climate and new homes will help strengthen Lakeville."

Q&A with the Pioneer Press

What qualifies you to hold this position?

My qualifications come from a life time of service resolving issues and find better ways to operate in the future. Working with others to determine and achieve fiscally conservative goals was ingrained in me. If I disagree I often find specific promising points to negotiate. Mary and I raised our children here. Lakeville resident since 1993.

What would your top priorities be if elected?

Ensure public safety demands—today and tomorrow—continue to be met. Support a budget that ensures our law enforcement and other public safety functions has the manpower, equipment, and funding necessary to meet our growing demands. Provide incentives to current and prospective employers to maintain and create new job opportunities for all ages.

What do you think is the primary role of government?

To serve the people who expect their chosen representative to work on their behalf. Provide public safety and ensure funding meets the staffing, training, and equipment demands. Receiving a council reply of “we’ll continue to monitor” or “not that dissimilar to” shows little effort in representation and resolution for a neighborhood safety concern.

How would you rate Minnesota’s response to the coronavirus? What would you do differently?

Very good. I appreciate the approach Minnesota has taken and is taking to the virus. I see a long-term cautious, thoughtful, and considerate approach being implemented in a manner that can reduce and slow the virus spread and keep Minnesota’s economy moving in a forward positive manner. Until a vaccine is obtained we all must use safeguards.

Organizations I'm Proud to Support:
Let's Chat

What do you want to see for Lakeville?

Thanks! I can't wait to connect with you.


Thank You for Your Support!

I sincerely want to thank all of you who supported me in the recent election. As a first time candidate the challenge was competing against those with more experience. It was an uphill climb, and in not reaching the top before the other competitors, I want each of you to know your vote of confidence made the race worthwhile. I'm not a politician, but like all of you, I love the city we call home. Stay well & take the necessary precautions to slow the Covid spread.


Congratulations to the winners of this year's council race.